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Never play leapfrog with a unicorn. Welcome to Alchemy Mindworks' web page. We invite you to check out Graphic Workshop, the Windows image management package; GIF Construction Set, the world's most popular web page animator; e-Paint, Presentation Wizard, Animation Workshop, The Ultimate Screen Clock, Pagan Daybook, Steven William Rimmer's novels and a lot more.

We've been creating innovative software since 1988.

Heisenberg may have slept here.

Let Graphic Workshop Professional preview images; resize them for your web page; fine-tune your pictures; print your photographs and much more. Download an evaluation copy of Graphic Workshop and see what it can do for you.
Madness takes its toll - please have exact change.
Fine-tune your photographs, create animation cells, unleash your inner artist and shock all your friends who thought the best you could hope for was an inner car salesman. Experience e-Paint. No nasty digital stuff required.
Don't steal - the government hates competition.
Add sophisticated new animation features to GIF Construction Set Professional and PNG/MNG Construction Set. Make your web pages dance like a prima ballerina on steroids.
Never underestimate the power of fools in large numbers.
Build ads, banners and other commercial animations in minutes, even if you can't tell a control block from an elephant without consulting the documentation. We invite you to download an evaluation copy.
A man without a god is like a fish without a bicycle.
The Ultimate Screen Clock will set your system clock to the accuracy of an atomic standard, keep track of your important events and display a cool selection of graphic clocks on your desktop and as a Windows screen saver. Download an evaluation copy — time waits for no one.
Even in a tie, a race between a frog and a pickup truck typically involves the frog losing.
Own the GIF animator that's made more web pages dance, flash, jump, scroll and catch the eyes of web surfers than any other package on the planet. Download an evaluation copy of GIF Construction Set Professional to see what it can do for your page.
Trust no one... 'specially the author of these secret message windows.
Read Steven William Rimmer's breathtaking novel Legacy, available as a Kindle e-book and in print from Amazon.
It's always darkest before you step on the cat.
Build distributable multimedia Windows screen savers that will warp space, dilate time and leave all those who view them awestruck for well over an hour. Also promotes rapid weight-loss in camels.

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